Wrestling with the clothing clutter inside of your closet on a daily basis is not anyone’s idea of a fun time. Often closet clearing is the number one task to avoid because closets can be emotional hotbeds of feeling. How we organize our closet and what we put in it reflects some truths back that often we do not want to see. If you are suffering from messy closet syndrome and want a quick fix take the time to consider some quick closet organizing strategies that will work wonders for you.

Organizing your closet can be surprisingly easy and infinitely rewarding when you know what to do. So where to start, how to do this? The very first challenge is to get into decision making mode again and this means decluttering your closet before you organize.

A quick five minute sort out using several new clutter free standards can transform your closet in minutes. To help you get organized here is a list of guidelines to help to let go of your clothing clutter. If letting go of your clothing takes you out of your comfort zone focus on the clothing that you want to keep to make decision making easier.

Choose to let go of clothing, that is:

• Too big or too small

• Not comfortable

• Wrong Color

• No intention of repairing or altering it

• Past its use by date

• You haven’t worn it in a year

• Bad associations

• No longer reflects your lifestyle

Keep the clothing that is:

• Right size, fits well and looks good

• Comfortable

• Right Color

• Attractive shape, color and neckline

• You wear seasonally

• In good condition

• Does not need altering or repairs

To make this process easier use two large garbage bags, one for clothing that needs to be tossed and one for clothing in good condition that can be given to charity. Get yourself in the letting go zone; choose your clutter free standard and make quick yes/no decisions.

Clearing out your closet will create more space plus decrease your clothing confusion so you reconnect to what you love to wear. Once you are in this mindset making the decision to keep, let go and organize is quicker and easier. Now that you can see what you own separate your clothing into categories and hang or put similar items together. This will instantly organize every item you own and you will be able to see what clothes you need to buy to make your wardrobe complete.

The next question is, do you need more space? Remember we use twenty percent of our wardrobe eighty percent of the time. Are there any more clothes that can go? As you continue to declutter consider some organizing closet solutions. You can add another rod and hang shorter items on the bottom and longer items on the top. Do you need metal hangers with clips for hanging multiple skirts or trousers? Hooks on doors, tie racks and suit hangers will help you create more organizing solutions for your closet.

Make a start, it doesn’t take long to clear out and organize your closet so you can free up your time, feel better about what you wear and discover the closet organizing solutions that will work well for you.

Source by Jane Alais