I am one of those people who can’t seem to live a clutter free life. In my home, there are small boxes loaded with papers, instructions, etc, that I keep going through to organize and throw away the contents once and for all. The problem is, the boxes never seem to empty. There always seems to be one piece of paper, one cut out coupon, one paper with a phone number or two on it that never comes out of this box. Why? We ask?

Because we want to keep it but we don’t know what to do with it, so it remains CLUTTER. I will admit it, I am a Clutterholic.

I panic and still shudder when my doorbell rings and someone wants to come in. I look and see that with the piles of papers sitting on both the coffee and kitchen table, my home does not look as pristine perfect as anything in House Beautiful. And you know that we Clutterholics are being judged by the chronically neat and organized.

You could almost hear the clicking in their heads, what a mess, how could they live like that? These people are lucky. They don’t have that Clutter gene. Too bad they haven’t invented a pill that will retrain our brain to not clutter, but they haven’t.

Instead, the ones with the organization gene have created businesses to help us Clutterholics give up the habit. There are businesses that sell organizing solutions for your closets, where to hang your pants, dresses and suits, where to shelve your shoes and handbags, where to stow your jewelry or even your underwear. Big box stores sell the shelving for customizing your closet and even design a system for you. But even if you bought all these items, how long will it sit before you install. And now the closet organizers become clutter. Some of us are absolutely helpless.

There are also so many books to buy telling us what to do so reorganizing doesn’t become too overwhelming. I admit, one tip that I have failed to follow is using a timer, setting it for 15 or 20 minutes to clean out an area for things to toss or giveaway. When the timer goes off, stop working. The advice is that if you do this exercise on a regular basis, the Cluttered area will eventually empty and you won’t be so overwhelmed. It is good advice and I may follow it someday. Another book suggests to tackle the kitchen sink first. Well, that is probably the only place in the house that does not stay cluttered. I wash and put away the dishes and pots the same day. No brainer. But there is always someone with a different method or advice and I will continually seek them out hoping that my declutter books don’t become clutter themselves.

Source by Judith R Arkes