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The Sellers Even Took The Light Bulbs!

After being in residential real estate over ten years, you think you have heard or seen it all. Late this last winter I was at a party and some new first-time homeowners shared with me their recent experience at a final walk-through before closing. They met their real estate agent at the property filled with excitement for their last look before they took legal ownership and possession. The buyer thought the house looked strangely dark when they drove up. It was dark, very dark! The sellers had taken every light bulb inside and out. They reasoned since they weren’t attached that they could take them along with the rest of their personal property. While this isn’t typical, you should know the difference between personal property and a fixture.

-Personal property. Defined as items that are easily removed and not permanently attached to property. Rugs, draperies, furniture, mirrors hung as pictures, fireplace tools, draperies, patio furniture and outdoor play equipment, appliances and window air conditioners are typical personal property.

-Fixture. Personal property that has permanently been added to real estate. Built-in bookcases, closet organizers, light fixtures (but not their light bulbs!), automatic garage door openers are some examples of fixtures. Heating ,cooling, plumbing systems are fixtures too, but don’t readily fall into a gray zone.

-Bill of sale. All personal property included with the sale of a property is transferred from the seller to the buyer through a bill of sale. Make sure you deliver or receive one for all personal property conveyed at closing or escrow.

-Exclusion. Items that are fixtures that the seller wants to take at closing are exclusions. All exclusions showed be listed in a contract to purchase. List excluded items on listing sheets and call attention to excluded items during home showings with the use of signs on or near excluded items.

-Buyers should develop early on a checklist of all contractual inclusions to verify that have been left by sellers at final walk-through.

-Disclose to buyers that some items in your home are leased such as your security system or cable box.

Source by Mark Nash

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How to Fix a Broken Cabinet

Cabinets are meant to last for decades. However, there are circumstances that may ruin them long before they are meant to deteriorate. Certain accidents, for example, may greatly damage various parts of the cabinet.

Now, when your cabinet gets broken, you are provided with two choices: to replace the cabinet with a new unit or to repair it. The first choice is definitely easier. Economically speaking, however, fixing a broken cabinet can be a better choice.

There are many ways to fix a broken cabinet, and these basically depend on the actual parts damaged and the level or degree of damage. A slightly damaged cabinet is generally easier to fix than a severely broken one. Damage to the smaller parts of the cabinet is also easier to repair compared to damage on larger parts.

Problems on doors and hinges (inefficient swaying of doors, doors drooping on one side, etc.) are among the easiest to fix. Sometimes, tightening the hinge mounting screws easily solves the problem. If this doesn’t work, you may try replacing the hinge screws with larger and longer ones. If the screw holes or mounting locations are already badly damaged, you may try moving the hinges to a different spot where the wood is stronger.

Broken cabinet drawers are also quite easy to fix, especially if they are simply stuck or jammed. Tapping the drawer slightly is often an effective way to pop the drawer slide back in place. Sometimes, only the runners need to be replaced. If the problem is with the slide, then one must determine whether the problem lies in the screw holding the slide or the slide itself. If one or more screws holding the slide have fallen out, then replacing the screws can solve the problem. But if the slide itself is already broken, you don’t have much choice but to replace the slide with a new one.

A broken cabinet frame or damaged cabinet wood probably requires the most work. If the damage is minor and on a part that is not too exposed, you can just re-assemble the broken pieces and hold them together with wood glue. For more severe damage, one can replace the large piece of wood that is broken with a newly cut piece of the same wood species. An alternative is to use an epoxy wood repair kit to seal the broken area.

So if your kitchen or bathroom cabinet is broken, assess the damage first before replacing the cabinet with a new unit. If the damage is minor, then you can save a lot if you fix it instead of buying a new one.

Source by Josh Riverside

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Cabinet Doors

Cabinet doors come in all materials, shapes, sizes, and price ranges. The strength or durability of a cabinet is determined by the quality of the cabinet doors; therefore, it is essential to choose a cabinet that has a superior quality door. Cabinet manufacturers customize cabinet doors in various shapes, styles and materials.

Most cabinet manufacturers use different woods for cabinet doors including solid wood cope and stick raised panel, square and arched mitered, recessed panel and solid wood. Other than natural wood, manufacturers also use MDF (medium-density fiberboard) and RTF (ridged thermo foil) for constructing cabinet doors. MDF is an excellent substitute for solid wood as it is uniform, very dense, smooth and free of knots and grain patterns.

Cabinet doors made of MDF have no joints and do not crack after they have been painted. MDF has a smooth and shiny surface and can be glued easily onto the cabinets.

Cabinet doors fitted with RTF veneers also look like natural wood. RTF does not require the tedious care and upkeep of natural woods and is fast becoming the most popular choice for homeowners. Other commonly used cabinet doors are stainless steel, aluminum, laminate and veneer.

Accessorizing cabinet doors is an important aspect of embellishing cabinets. There are four main types of decorative hardware including knobs, pulls, cup pulls and drop pulls. Knobs are circular and can be attached to a cabinet with one screw. Pulls are installed with two screws and are available in variety of materials such as metal and leather.

Source by Josh Riverside

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Storage Advantages and Disadvantages of Plastic Garden Sheds

As the number of storage sheds for sale increases, making a wise choice of which one to purchase becomes more needed. With today’s shaking economic stability, it is a good way of making sure that something good will be gotten out of your hard-earned money. That is of course apart from making sure that your outdoor items that will be stored in them are indeed protected.

There are various types of sheds for sale. There is a shed made of metal, wood, plastic and vinyl. Each of these materials got their own set of advantages and disadvantages. The knowledge of what they can and cannot give you is generally a big help to making that wise decision of which one to pick.

Plastic garden sheds are some of those that are continuously gaining the attention of the public. Basically, it is because of the advantages they have over metal, wood and vinyl sheds. Sure, a plastic storage building can also serve as a tool shed or as a shed for other functions, like sheltering a bike or other vehicles, same with others. However, there are things that make them distinct and of edge.

One of those said things is their being economical. With them, you can actually purchase a shed in a cheap price yet still of great quality. And that kind of storage is exactly what is needed nowadays.

Apart from that, plastic sheds are also easier to assemble with only a few tools needed to get them erected. If you are someone not into building or assembling things, this type will sure do you a favour. In addition, some of these sheds are modular. That means that you can add other elements into them, for example more shelves and racks.

Yet another advantage of this type of storage building is the low maintenance that they require. Unlike those made of wood, they are not prone to termite invasion. And unlike metal sheds, they cannot be rusted.

However, like other products, plastic garden sheds also got disadvantages. For one, they cannot completely blend to the natural environment of your yard. Sure, a lot of them now are beautifully painted to be also decorative just like those sheds produced by keter and duramax. But then, they can never radiate classic beauty as an oak or a timber can. In addition to that, there are some of them that are not UV protected. That makes them fade over a short period of time if directly exposed to sunlight.

Source by Mikael R

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Top Ten Real Estate Trends Of 2007

Do you know what’s hot in real estate trends right now? Check out these top ten trends that are all the rage in the marketplace right now.

  1. Hardwood Floors– Realtors overwhelmingly agree that most buyers are looking for hardwood floors. It is a safe bet that wood flooring will never go out of style and appeal to the majority of homebuyers. Bamboo flooring is also a hot new “green” trend that can give you a natural wood feel without harming the environment.
  2. Fantastic Fixtures- Replacing knobs, drawer pulls, and fixtures is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to makeover any bathroom and/or kitchen. Most new homes are constructed with chintzy fixtures and give the feeling of cheap. Update your fixtures to add a stylish new look to your kitchen or bathroom.
  3. Quality Countertops- It’s really all about slab granite countertops. Everyone wants them, and everyone’s getting them. Adding granite can make any kitchen look sleek and contemporary. Don’t like granite? Not a problem. Marble, ceramic tile, and engineered stone are also all the rage this year.
  4. An Impressive Entryway- Essentially, the entryway is the first thing everyone sees when they walk into your home. Make a good impression. I always tell sellers to put a fresh coat of paint on the front door and paint entry hall in a warm color. Also try adding pictures, a small table, and some plants to liven things up. You want guests and buyers to feel welcome when they first walk into your home.
  5. Stunning Bathrooms- No doubt whirlpool baths, steam showers, and marble countertops are appealing to just about everyone. Today’s home buyers are looking for these luxury amenities, though affordability is always an issue. You can spruce up your outdated bathroom without expensive additions by adding a beautiful framed mirror, sconce lighting, and a warm color scheme.
  6. Stainless Steel Appliances- The commercial kitchen feel of stainless steel appliances can make anyone feel like a celebrity chef. Esthetically, stainless steel looks clean, professional, and valuable… a hot trend for 2007.
  7. Ambient Lighting- “Lighting is probably the most overlooked, yet most important aspect of interior decoration,” says designer Simon Temprell. Recessed lighting, sconces, and/or track lighting can add appeal to any room by setting the right mood.
  8. Green Grass- Many homebuyers have families or are planning to have children. Therefore, most of them are looking for a home with a grassy yard for kids to play. Adding a concrete patio or rock garden is a waste of time; instead, spend the money on putting in some grass.
  9. Closet Organizers- Any woman knows that a chintzy or unorganized closet can spell disaster. Installing closet organizers is a relatively cheap and easy addition. Don’t forget about your kitchen pantries and bathroom closets as well.
  10. Specialty Rooms- Anything from theater rooms, playrooms, wine cellars, work-out rooms, and even mediation rooms are fair game these days. Specialty rooms are a huge trend right now and can add alluring selling points to any home.

As sub-prime market is gone. Now more buyers are finding creative through lease purchase. There are many real estate companies offers lease purchase such as www.butterflylister.com

Source by Muhammad Siddique

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Peace Through Pantry Storage

One of the fundamental truths about kitchen storage is that we could always use more space. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the luxury of remodeling to build our dream kitchens. Kudos for those who end up with kitchen make-overs featured in Better Homes and Gardens. The rest of us can still solve some of our clutter with savvy pantry storage products.

Consider some of the cabinet organizers and pantry shelves to make your kitchen feel like new. Keep pot lids in place with lid organizers or double your shelf space by adding wire cabinet shelves, under-shelf baskets or expanding cabinet organizers. Wrap and roll holders that mount inside your cabinet doors are a great space to store those odd supplies like aluminum foil, plastic wrap, paper towels and cleaners. You can even purchase organizers specifically designed for canned goods and spices to help you use your shelf space more effectively.

In addition to shelving and racks, you can also save space by taking another look at what you’re stacking in your pantry. Are you using all of your vertical space? You may want to invest in stackable food storage containers. They’re available in a number of modular stacking systems on the market, so you can easily find a set that fits your space and your style.

Not only can new pantry storage containers save you space; they can also save you money on your grocery bill. Several of the stackable container options also feature 100% airtight seals to help preserve the freshness of your food and keep you from throwing money in the garbage along with that stale cereal. Popular vacuum food saver storage containers are available in several styles. Many even come with easy dispenser lids to help you pour the perfect amount of coffee, cereal or rice when you need it. Be sure to look for clear containers or ones with handy windows so you can see what’s in your pantry and when you’re running low.

Remember, you may not be able to build your dream kitchen, but establishing peace and order is within your reach thanks to pantry storage options. And, after you’re done, you won’t want to stop with the kitchen. These same solutions can help you regain control of your garage, your craft room, your kid’s room and more.

Source by Julie S. Montgomery

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Decorating Your Teenage Girl’s Bedroom

A teenage girl’s bedroom is her castle. So taking the time to sit with her and discuss a plan to come up with the perfect bedroom theme. The first thing you need to do is to measure the width, length and height of the room. Then decide which furniture you want to keep and which you want to replace. Then next thing you want to do is to spend a Saturday afternoon cleaning out the entire bedroom. Donate stuff she no longer wants and throw away stuff that isn’t any good. Or you can have a garage sale.

Now it’s time to go shopping for furniture.  The first piece of furniture you want to pick out is the bed.  If you cannot afford to purchase a new bed, try repainting the old bed and add stenciling to the headboard.  You can add a white or pink canopy if you want.  Next you want to add a chair in the bedroom for her friends to sit.  A small loveseat or some bean bag chairs will suffice. 

Deciding on a theme is an important part in decorating your teen girl’s bedroom.  A theme could be based on several things such as her favorite hobby, musical artist, sports or animals.  Or she could go for a more basic look like retro or Victorian. 

When deciding on where the furniture will be placed in the room, make sure that the room size fits the furniture.  For example, you don’t want a king size bed in a small room.  Your daughter will also need space for homework and putting on her makeup.  Another thing that will save space is using organizers.  Closet organizers, under the bed organizers and 5-drawer organizers will all save space and keep things organized.

Painting walls is a big project.  You need to make sure that you cover the flooring and furniture before starting the painting.  You want to choose colors that match the theme you have going on, if any. 

Accessories are also important in decorating the bedroom.  A wall shelf makes a great place she can display photos of her friends and family.  Also a book shelf works great for all her romance books.  Adding a lamp to a nightstand is a special touch.  You may also want to add a lamp to her desk so she has proper lighting to do her homework.  Other nice accessories include a vase filled with fresh flowers, a large bulletin board attached to the wall to attach notes or a calendar, a stand up mirror and some special touches such as fancy light switches or funky drawer pulls. 

Using any or all of these special touches will make any teenage girl’s room special.

Source by Kittipong Unparsert

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How Do You Make Good Use Of Moving Blankets?

If you’ve moved recently, you may have some leftover moving blankets. You may think to yourself, “I’m not moving again anytime soon, don’t need these anymore” and consider tossing them out. But wait. Doesn’t that just feel even a little bit wasteful? There’s nothing wrong with the blankets, why send them to the landfill?

Many of us need to be creative and resourceful with our budgets. The things we choose to spend our dollars on need to go farther, do more. This is precisely the reason you should think harder about those moving blankets before you overload the trash can.

Sure, moving blankets are big and bulky. You definitely don’t want to try sleeping with one. It usually takes multiple washes and drying before the blankets are anywhere close to soft. But that’s okay, you probably aren’t looking for a duvet.

Instead, think about alternate ways to use the blankets. Do you have some pets which might need a new bed? The inner core of the blankets is really quite cushiony. Fold several together and let them form a bed for your favorite canine.

Moving blankets are also superb for days at the beach. I love lying out on the sand, but hate it when the wind catches the side of the thin bed sheets I’ve always resorted to using. Instead, try stretching out on one of the blankets. Sure, they’re a little heavy carrying down to the shoreline, but their weight will keep them flat when the breeze picks up (no wrestling!) and they’re nicer to rest on than thin sheets.

Another way some people repurpose moving blankets is to donate them to a shelter or family center. Many of those institutions are on strict budgets and find clever ways to “make do” with just about anything that’s in good repair.

Source by Julie S. Montgomery

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3 Cubicle Accessories to Help Maximize Your Storage Capacity

When it comes to any small space, you have to be a little bit creative when it comes to storage. If you do not have a garage at home to store your lawnmower, snow blower, and garden tools, you can make do with a small garden shed. If you have limited cabinet space in a small kitchen, you can add storage in the back of a nearby closet with a shelf organizer. If you have a small office cubicle, there are a few items that you can add to your office to maximize your storage capacity and also add to your cubicle decor at the same time.

Cubicle Shelf
With a small office space, there is a limited amount of real estate to store your must-have office items. One way to maximize the space that you are allotted is to take advantage of the walls. A cubicle wall is made of gray fabric. I know that it's ugly but it can be practical as well. I recently found an ingenious shelf that attaches to the fabric on the walls of a cubicle. I bought mine about 6 months ago and I use it to store personal items like pictures and souvenirs. Before I made this strategic purchase, those items used to stay on my desktop. Not any longer! They have their rightful place on my cubicle wall which leaves room for other desktop items.

Desktop Organizer
One of those desktop items that I simply can not do without is my desktop organizer. It is very small in dimension but large in practicality and storage. When I need to find my paper clips, binder clips, pens, pencils, Post-it Notes, scissors, and tape dispenser, all I have to do is to look right on my desktop. The tape dispenser is built-into the unit which eliminates the need of having a separate one on my desk. Instead of having to look all over my cubicle for go-to items, more often than not, they are in my reliable desktop organizer.

Desktop Shelf
With limited desk space, investing in a desktop shelf is another way to increase your storage capacity. You are basically using different levels to store your office items. I can store books and other small office items on top of the shelf and store other items like my box of tissues and coffee cup underneath the shelf. It's just another clever way to maximize space in a small office.

It is always wise to keep on the lookout for strategic cubicle accessories that will make your life in the cubicle more organized, space-conscious, and will also add to your cubicle decor. Maximizing the small amount of space that you have will add to your life in cubicle nation!

Source by Bob Bessette

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The Modern Wardrobe Closet

Wardrobe closets are not just small private hidden spaces for old clothes to retire. They are an excellent and artistic way to display your taste for modern and stylish furniture. Modern and contemporary wardrobes have evolved over the years into more user friendly and attractive pieces of furniture.

Take some time to locate the wardrobe of your choice. Remember, it is going to hold your favorite clothes so you will want it to be beautiful and unique. To your houseguests and visitors, your wardrobe gives the impressive first impression. Then it is your clothes. Wardrobe closets are coming back into fashion.

Wardrobe closets are meant to hold your clothes for a long time. Treat it as a friend of your clothes. Take the time to clean and polish the wardrobe as you would any other piece of fine furniture.

A wardrobe closet can be added as an extra clothing storage space if you feel you need more space to store your finer pieces of clothing. Wardrobes are spacious, sturdy bedroom armoires, which are crafted to last a long time and are made from quality solid wood. They are available in a variety of rich and durable finishes designed to complement any existing bedroom furniture.

Select a wardrobe closet that is made from the finest materials. Choose a unit that is ergonomic, stylish and the perfect match for your current bedroom design. Once you have purchased your wardrobe, it is time to fill it. Before doing this though, you will have to go through your closet and clear out the items that just do not fit or cut it anymore. Many people find this to be a very difficult chore; they just do not want to admit that something no longer fits or is just out of style. However, this is an important step to help you identify if there are any items of clothing that need to be replaced. In addition, it is a great excuse for a shopping trip…if you need one!

This cleanup session will require you to try on many of your garments. This will help to identify what is worth keeping and what is not worth keeping. Get a few boxes together to store items that you will not be keeping. Then you can donate them to a local charity that collects clothing. This step is needed to make sure your wardrobe closet is going to hold only the best of your clothes.

If you are unsure, whether an item of clothing is worth keeping then try this little test. Ask yourself if you like the item and does it feel comfortable wearing it. Does it match with at least three other pieces in your wardrobe closet? Does the item of clothing fit or does it need altering? If you answer no to these questions then it is time to part with it.

Wardrobe closets are a wonderful addition to any modern and contemporary bedroom or guest room. They were quite popular during our parent’s youth and are now making a comeback in homes today.

Source by Tom Houser

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