The Crop in Style XXL Rolling Tote Organizer is the perfect piece that you can use to organize crafts and your scrapbooks. As its name suggests, it comes in extra large size, meaning that it can accommodate anything that you plan to put inside.

Taking a look at some of the basic features, Crop in Style XXL Rolling Tote Organizer is made of Cordura Nylon. It features a very convenient telescopic handle that can be pulled up when necessary. Inline skate wheels are available as well, which makes the tote very easy to roll and relocate.

This tote measure 20 x 20 x16″, which means you have plenty of room to get organized. Its weight is 20 pounds. The internal structure features 18 scissor loops and additional 75 loop pen caddy. The Crop in Style XXL Rolling Tote can accommodate various kinds of scrapbooks and albums. The largest possible size is 12 x 15″.

The good news is that the Crop in Style XXL Rolling Tote can hold multiple scrapbooks and additional supplies at the same times. This is a piece of equipment designed for those love scrapbooking and who would love to take their materials everywhere without the hustle.

One of the best aspects of the tote is that the interior dividers can be removed or positioned in several ways to achieve optimal storage space results. The dividers can be attached anywhere due to the Velcro strap presence. In addition to the dividers, this tote comes with a multitude of pockets for small and average sized items. Three large exterior zip-up pockets are also available for the positioning of larger items and scrapbooking equipment pieces.

Everybody who is involved in scrapbooking knows how much space the supplies take. The tote takes little space and can be positioned comfortably in a closet when not in use. This is also a great piece of equipment for teachers who instruct many classes and need separate supplies for each. This is the item you need if you are on the move, attending seminars and courses related to scrapbooking. Taking around everything you need could be a pain without the right kind of organizer. The Crop in Style XXL tote is large enough and easy to carry around at the same time.

Apart from craft lovers, makeup artists will also find the tote useful. It is great for organizing various kinds of makeup, brushes, sponges and additional pieces of equipments. This is one of the best totes for professional makeup artists who have to use many items on a daily basis.

The Crop in Style XXL Rolling Tote Organizer is an amazing piece of equipment for everyone who loves to get favorite crafts organized in a convenient manner. It features a great price to quality ratio. The tote is extra large, meaning that even professionals who use various kinds of equipment can use it successfully. At the same time, it comes with great design, which makes it very easy to get carried around. As you can see Crop in Style XXL can be a great for you.

Source by Helena Stone